OCTOBER 20TH, 2023
Maxime Kot is the president of Phoenix-based The Cannabis Business Advisors, a multi-faceted consulting firm providing business guidance for cannabis license applicants and current license holders across the US as well as Canada. Learn about Maxime Kot in her interview with Fabulous Arizona… " You need to want it more than anyone else. You can have … Continue reading "Fabulous Arizona – Maxime Kot"
September 29th, 2023
Our CEO, Sara Gullickson, was recently featured in Phoenix Business Journal! Sara says, "I do everything from holding licenses for cultivation, dispensing, and processing, in addition to assisting others secure licenses in other states." To read more, click here!
AUGUST 30TH, 2023
Our CEO, Sara Gullickson, was recently featured on the Women Leading Cannabis podcast with Kyra Reed! She joins Kyra Reed to share insights on navigating the challenges of raising capital for women in the cannabis sector. Sara emphasizes the importance of solid business plans, the right team, and considering partnerships or equity sharing to help … Continue reading "Women Leading Cannabis – Sara Gullickson"
July 12th, 2023
Our CEO, Sara Gullickson, was recently featured on the Marijuana Venture! Sara Gullickson, discusses the changing landscape of cannabis legalization and predicts the last prohibitionist states to stand. Marijuanas Ventures loaded question was "Which one do you think will be the last prohibitionist standing and why?"   To read her response click here!


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