MAY 15TH, 2018
Sara Gullickson | CEO & Founder of Dispensary Permits Sara Gullickson is the founder and CEO of Scottsdale-based Dispensary Permits, one of the longest standing cannabis consulting firms in the country. Established in 2010, the firm has secured multiple cannabis license wins for their clients across 13 states and anticipates 15 markets in Spring 2018. … Continue reading "Industry Blazers: Sara Gullickson of Dispensary Permits"
April 25th, 2018
4/20 is here, and in time for International Weed Day, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced plans to introduce a bill to decriminalize cannabis on a federal level next week. “The war on cannabis costs U.S. taxpayers $3.6 billion per year. 46 percent of all drug arrests are for simple cannabis possession, which only … Continue reading "Pot Stocks, ETFs And Top News From The Cannabis Industry"
APRIL 6TH, 2018
Everything to know about what CBD oil does to your body & why you may want to give it a try The use of medical cannabis to treat the symptoms of physical and mental health problems ranging from cancer to anxiety disorder is nothing new. But cannabidiol (better known as CBD oil) is currently rising in popularity, … Continue reading "The Deal With CBD Oil and Its Potential Health Benefits"
March 13th, 2018
It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is emerging as one of the most vital sectors of the economy. And when an industry is enjoying a dizzyingly rapid ascent like this one, there are inevitably some business people who stand out from the crowd. It seems some forward-looking individuals have been busily establishing a niche … Continue reading "Top 10 Cannabis Entrepreneurs of 2018"


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