Celebrating Women in Cannabis

Celebrating Women in Cannabis

MARCH 11TH, 2020

Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and present-day society. In light of Women’s History Month, we are honoring the women of CannaBoss Advisors by celebrating their successes. Learn more about the women leading businesses within the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

“Cannabis, to me, means community. As women, we are the star: We develop community, we take care of community, we’re the caretakers”
– Sara Gullickson, CEO

“As someone who was given the opportunity to flourish in this industry as a business leader, I look forward to providing the same opportunities to the next generation of women.”
– Maxime Kot, Director of Licensing

Sara Gullickson, Chief Executive Officer

Sara Gullickson is a cannabis entrepreneur and multi-state medical marijuana license holder. A leading executive, Gullickson has been actively involved in the industry for nearly a decade. She has helped numerous stakeholders grow their businesses profitably, with opening cannabis facilities and operational experience from the East to the West Coast. Sara also personally holds cannabis business licenses in Nevada, North Dakota, and Ohio.

Gullickson believes it is her duty to help the industry evolve successfully and has assisted in the development of regulatory frameworks and cannabis application processes in the United States, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand.

In 2019, Gullickson was named to Marijuana Business Magazine’s Women to Watch list and Benzinga’s Top 20 Women to Dominate the International Cannabis Space. She has been a featured speaker and panelist at the Real Estate Wealth Expos in Los Angeles and Toronto alongside Tony Robbins, Pitbull, and Suze Orman, and has presented at numerous, large-scale cannabis business conferences.

An industry expert, Gullickson previously served as CEO of Item 9 Labs Corp., a publicly traded U.S. Cannabis company, and was the Founder and CEO of Dispensary Permits, a nationally recognized cannabis consulting firm. Established in 2010, Dispensary Permits secured multiple cannabis license wins across more than a dozen competitive state markets.

In addition, Gullickson has founded and developed several companies for different stakeholder groups, including Dispensary Templates, an ecommerce store for downloadable cannabis business plan templates and Strive Life, a turnkey dispensary model.

Beyond her work in cannabis, Sara’s passions include raising her young son, inspiring women in business, and practicing yoga.

Maxime Kot, Director of Licensing

Maxime Kot is the Director of Licensing at CannaBoss Advisors with more than five years of experience in the legal cannabis industry. Maxime provides consulting and strategic guidance on marijuana business licensing for dispensary, manufacturing, and cultivation application processes.

With a proven track record in application drafting and submission, Maxime guides applicants through the multi-stage licensing process in compliance with state processes. Maxime oversees team resources allocations and provides direction to control application development processes, to include interpreting regulatory requirements and application information to determine needed submission information and documentation. She coordinates with internal and external individuals/team (e.g., local partners, project coordinators, legal, real estate, technical writers, security, financial advisor, community outreach, design/architecture, planning and development) to successfully submit winning applications.

Maxime has helped clients win multiple cannabis business licenses across 16 competitive state markets. She understands the unique nuances of the industry and the appropriate legal verbiage required during the application process as well as the necessary protocol for post-license communication leading up to operational launch.

Additionally, Maxime has experience grading and scoring unsuccessful applications and has a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of state-specific rules and regulations, as well as compliance. She also brings significant experience working with start-ups, helping them to effectively navigate the complex marijuana business landscape.

She is also responsible for evaluating new market opportunities, and building business cases including opportunity sizing, market and competitive strategy, functional requirements and execution timeline associated with licensing/applications.

Maxime was a featured speaker at MJBizConINT’L and MJBizCon Las Vegas in 2019.




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