Latest Cannabis News: April 2, 2024

Latest Cannabis News: April 2, 2024

APRIL 2ND, 2024

Stay up to date with the latest legalization and cannabis news with the C.B. Advisors. Every week, we will release a snippet of what’s happening with each state in the cannabis industry. Did you miss last week? No worries – click here for last week’s cannabis news.


No Legalization


Kansas: Kansas Senate committee tables medical marijuana bill until 2025 legislative session





Florida: The Florida Supreme Court ruled Monday that an initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana can appear on the state’s ballot in November.



Hawaii: Following a close 25–23 vote on the Hawaii House floor last week to keep a marijuana legalization bill alive, lawmakers now face a Thursday deadline to pass a bill out of the chamber’s Finance Committee, where some observers expect the proposal to receive a chilly reception if it’s taken up later this week. “If the bill isn’t scheduled for a hearing in the final committee—House Finance—by tomorrow, and it isn’t heard and reported out by Thursday, it dies and we have to come back next legislative session.”



Kentucky: As the 2024 session of the Kentucky General Assembly winds to a close, pending legislation in the Senate would speed up the timeline of the state’s medical cannabis program, while still preserving the ability of local governments to opt out. GOP Rep. Jason Nemes of Middletown says he expects an amended version of his House Bill 829 to advance through the Senate just before the end of the session in April, which could allow businesses to start receiving licenses from the administration as early as this summer so that cannabis will be available for patients in early 2025.



New Hampshire: The New Hampshire House approved a group of bills expanding the state’s therapeutic cannabis program last Thursday – as lawmakers continue to grapple with whether to legalize marijuana for everyone.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire on Tuesday heard public testimony on a newly proposed amendment to a marijuana legalization bill that that would transform the measure into a state-controlled franchise model of commercial sales, a novel framework that has the support of Gov. Chris Sununu (R).





Minnesota: Rep. Stephenson, a Coon Rapids Democrat, was the lead author of the 2023 legislation that legalized cannabis. He’s also carrying this year’s Cannabis Policy Bill, which updates the original law.

The legislation creates a pre-approval process for companies that gain licenses from the state to help them prepare for the beginning of legal sales of retail smokable cannabis products in 2025.  It also sets statewide caps on the numbers of licenses, in hopes of avoiding the free-for-all scenario that has unfolded in other states that legalized the drug.

The most recent version of the bill, which passed the Commerce Committee, calls for the following limits on licenses:

  • Microbusiness licenses: 100
  • Mezzobusiness licenses: 11
  • Cultivator licenses: 13
  • Manufacturer licenses: 6
  • Retailer licenses: 50
  • Wholesaler licenses: 20
  • Transporter licenses: 20
  • Testing facility licenses: 25
  • Cannabis event organizer licenses: 10
  • Cannabis delivery service licenses: 10

If there are too many equally qualified applicants chasing the same licenses, the OCM will grant the licenses based on a lottery system.

“The existing law has a lottery in it. People should know that and understand that,” Stephenson said.

“It has a point-based system, but in the event there are multiple applicants who have the same number of points and there are more people at that stage than licenses they can issue, the way the agency’s supposed to decide who to give license to is by lottery.”

Charlene Briner, the OCM’s interim director, said that the minimum standards to qualify for a license won’t change as a result of the lottery system.



Ohio: Administrative rulemaking for the state’s pending recreational marijuana program is moving full steam ahead, one industry trade association says, with sales likely to start by the third quarter of the year. The current plan, Haren said, is for licensure applications to go live in June. The first round of applications reserved for existing medical dispensaries seeking dual licensure, with social equity applications and new applications to follow.




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