Latest Cannabis News: November 23, 2021

Latest Cannabis News: November 23, 2021

Shelby Knight

Stay up to date with the latest legalization and cannabis news with the CB Advisors. Every week, we will release a snippet of what’s happening with each state in the cannabis industry. Did you miss last week? No worries – click here for last week’s cannabis news. 




Idaho: The Idaho State Department of Agriculture launched its online application system for would-be hemp growers early last week and applications are beginning to trickle in. Nineteen hemp producer and handler applications have been entered since the system went live Nov. 8, The Times-News reported Wednesday.


Idaho became the last state in the nation to legalize the production and processing of industrial hemp earlier this year. Hemp producers, however, need to be licensed — a process that includes submitting a background check, providing information about the farm or handling facility, and getting official approval from the state.


Those who are approved can begin producing and handling hemp products in 2022.







Montana: Following pushback from industry stakeholders and lawmakers, Montana’s Department of Revenue has decided to remove an unpopular ban on CBD products from the state’s cannabis program rules. The Department of Revenue also reversed a proposed rule that would have barred people with minor criminal convictions (including cannabis-related charges) from gaining or renewing a permit to work in the cannabis industry.





New Jersey: New Jersey is still probably months away from legal sales of recreational marijuana, but regulators are already considering whether to loosen rules that bar any edibles such as brownies and cookies.


The Cannabis Regulatory Commission invited input from invited guests and the public at its last meeting about how to handle the sales of edibles that resemble food – and how to make sure that if they do allow it, the items sold will be safe.


Ken Wolski, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey, said the amount and type of marijuana needed for therapeutic reasons is highly individualized and that anything a person needs should be available to them.





Washington, D.C: The Washington DC City Council is set to lay the groundwork Friday for a long-delayed recreational marijuana industry, now that Congress appears ready to step out of the district’s way and permit a $200 million market.


Although the district has had a quasi-legal recreational marijuana “gifting” business since voters legalized adult use in 2014, a full-fledged industry has been on hold because of roadblocks placed by congressional Republicans over the past seven years. Those roadblocks now appear to be ending. And city leaders are eager to establish a regulated recreational market in lieu of the loosely controlled gray market currently in place.


The launch could come as soon as August 2022, according to MJBizDaily sources. The process started with a full-day City Council hearing last Friday.







Alabama: The Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners announced draft rules to govern how physicians can recommend medical cannabis to eligible patients to include provisions on physician and patient certification, registration, and physician training.


The rules will also require physician’s try other medical treatments for their patients before recommending medical marijuana.


The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is set to begin allowing processors and growers to apply for marijuana business licenses by September 2022.




Arkansas: Two recreational marijuana amendment initiatives have been filed in Arkansas. Both groups will need to gather more than 89,000 petition signatures and have their ballot titles approved by the state’s election commission before making it on the November 2022 ballot. The group Arkansas True Grass was the first to file a proposal they are calling the “Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Amendment of 2022”.


The proposal includes allowing adults 21 and older to purchase up to four ounces of smokable or vaporizable marijuana per day with a recreational license. Non-residents would be able to purchase up to one ounce.





Missouri: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services completed the first round of licensing for medical marijuana transportation companies. Licensed facilities may transport medical marijuana to:

  • a qualifying patient or primary caregiver,
  • cultivation facility,
  • infused product manufacturing facility,
  • dispensary,
  • testing laboratory, and
  • another transportation company.





Ohio: The Ohio Board of Pharmacy received 1,463 applications for the state’s 73 new cannabis dispensary licenses ahead of a Nov. 18 application deadline, according to a report. Regulators approved an increased number of medical cannabis retailers earlier this year, raising the total number of dispensaries in the state from 57 to 130.


The Ohio Board of Pharmacy officially launched the application process for the new retail licenses Sept. 20.


State officials split Ohio into 31 dispensary districts and charted where the state’s 56 operational cannabis retailers are located. The winning applications will be selected through a lottery with applications randomly ordered in each dispensary district, and only the selected applications will undergo a vetting process to ensure they meet the state’s criteria in an effort to expedite the licensing process.





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