Latest Cannabis News: September 5, 2023

Latest Cannabis News: September 5, 2023


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No legislation


Idaho: Evans, Kind Idaho, and their supporters noticed late session legislation pitched by Rep. John Vander Woude, the “IDAHO MEDICAL CANNABIS ACT.” The act was pitched late to generate conversations heading into 2024. It is a narrow proposal that only allows “ingestible cannabis processed to a tablet, chewable, droplet, or pill containing up to ten (10) milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol.”

Kind Idaho is working to gather signatures on their petitions, they have until April 14 next year to get about 63,000 signatures from registered voters to make the ballot. It’s a major task to take on, adding in the fact that Idaho is one of five states where there is no legal cannabis on any level.





Alabama: MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission issued a stay on the issuance of licenses that were awarded on August 10th.

The stay comes in the wake of a multitude of lawsuits filed after the commission re-awarded licenses after complaints of problems with the ranking and grading of applicants.

As a result of the stay the following will occur:

  • The licenses awarded on August 10th will not be issued on September 7th as previously announced
  • Those entities awarded licenses on August 10th are under no obligation to pay the license fee
  • Those entities not awarded licenses on August 10th are under no obligation to file a request for an investigative hearing



South Dakota: South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley has released the final ballot explanation for a draft initiated measure that would legalize marijuana.

Matthew Schweich, of Sioux Falls, proposed the initiated measure, which would amend Title 34 of the State Constitution to allow South Dakotans 21 and older to possess, grow, sell, and ingest cannabis, as well as cannabis paraphernalia. The initiated measure does not affect laws dealing with hemp. The measure also does not change state laws concerning the state’s medical marijuana program or legalize cannabis sales.

If the required 17,509 valid signatures are gathered and approved by the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office, the proposed constitutional amendment will be placed on the 2024 general ballot. A majority of the votes cast in the general election will be needed to pass the measure.





California: Consumers in California are currently limited in their access to regulated cannabis as nearly two-thirds of cities in the state have prohibited the establishment of cannabis retailers.

DCC is aiming to address the issue through its second round of funding in its retail grant programme, equipping governments with the resources they need to establish licensing programmes.

The $20 million fund allocated its first phase of grants to 18 cities and counties in June to the tune of $4 million. The second phase is now doubling the award amounts, making $15 million available, and will launch in October 2023.



Maine: Maine cannabis regulators are proposing new guidelines intended to make the state’s rules more user-friendly, the Portland Press Herald reports. Gabi Pierce, Maine Office of Cannabis Policy policy director, said the new rules would be a “repeal and replace” of the old rules that would include updated formatting, organization, and language.

The proposed regulations include a new policy that would allow cannabis retailers, manufacturers, and cultivators to deliver to hotels and businesses, allowing the companies to cater directly to tourists. Under the current rules, Maine cultivators and manufacturers cannot sell directly to customers. Officials will discuss the proposed rules changes this week and regulators are taking public comments until September 17. If approved, the new rules would take effect in January.



Maryland: Maryland officials are unveiling a new portal that will allow people to check their eligibility for a social equity marijuana business license before regulators begin to accept applications later this year. The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) announced on Friday that the Social Equity Verification Portal will open on September 8. The announcement about the portal also comes on the same day that MCA’s Office of Social Equity released data on eligible zip codes, public schools and colleges, so people can start looking into their eligibility even before the verification tool is available.


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