Rhode Island is Accepting Applications for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Rhode Island is Accepting Applications for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

AUGUST 11TH, 2020

Rhode Island is accepting applications for new medical marijuana dispensaries. Last month, Rhode Island’s Department of Business Regulation announced that it will begin accepting applications to potentially operate one of six additional medical marijuana dispensaries. The licenses will be chosen through a lottery system. The applicants that win one of the licenses will most likely be able to sell marijuana by the end of next year (2021) at the earliest, according to the Department of Business Regulations (DBR).

The DBR released the regulations in March 2020 for how the new dispensaries will be operating, along with the expectation of opening the application period. However, because of the pandemic, priorities quickly shifted.

The application period for Rhode Island’s marijuana program will now be open until December 15, 2020.

The reasoning for the long application period is because the DBR wanted to give businesses time to select a location for their proposed dispensary. Additionally, the application period will allow local governments time to hold public hearings.

Rhode Island’s department has not yet set a date for the lottery. According to Pamela J. Toro, the department’s chief of legal services, “We’re going to have more information about the process once we have the chance to access the volume [of applicants]. Maybe the beginning of the year.”

There are currently three dispensaries in Rhode Island (the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center, in Providence; the Greenleaf Compassion Center, in Portsmouth; and the Summit Medical Compassion Center, in Warwick), which serves roughly 20,000 patients, including out-of-state patients.

The new regulations call for additional dispensaries in six regions around the state. Three of the six regions already have an existing dispensary. Unlike the current dispensaries, the new dispensaries will not be allowed to grow their own marijuana. However, the regulations include the possibility of seeking a modification to grow once their retail stores are open.

To apply for a Rhode Island marijuana license, applicants have to submit a $10,000 fee along with detailed financial information.

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