Woman-Owned Consulting Group Guides Stakeholders on How to Invest in Diversity

Woman-Owned Consulting Group Guides Stakeholders on How to Invest in Diversity

MAY 17TH, 2021

Woman-Owned Consulting Group Guides Stakeholders on How to Invest in Diversity


The Cannabis Business Advisors (“CB Advisors”), a national consulting firm for the legal cannabis industry, is helping stakeholders build diverse ownership teams and community-driven business plans in markets with social equity/diversity/inclusion license opportunities.

The firm is currently focused on Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey cannabis markets that provide minorities, women, veterans, and/or individuals who have been harmed by cannabis criminalization, an advantage to own marijuana businesses.

“It’s extremely promising to see more and more programs include diversity inclusion requirements in their application processes. Cannabis business ownership needs to be as diverse as the modern cannabis consumer,” stated Sara Gullickson, CB Advisors CEO and Founder.

Gullickson, who has been actively involved in the industry for over a decade, has a strong understanding of what it takes to build a successful applicant team. She serves as part of the ownership group of six minority and women-owned cannabis licenses in an industry where only eight percent of CEOs are women, according to a recent paper by The Arcview Group.

According to CB Advisors, here are some of the top markets to consider with diversity and social equity inclusion ownership opportunities:

– Arizona: The state will issue 26 Marijuana Establishment licenses to applicants who qualify under the Social Equity Ownership Program.

– Georgia: Production licenses required the management team include at least one minority individual or enterprise that would have significant involvement in the business, as well as diversity in their management, employment and vendor suppliers. The state’s upcoming Dispensing Application Dispensing Application will include a social equity and diversity component. The state looks to issue 30 Dispensary licenses nationwide.

– Illinois: The state established a program for Social Equity Applicants who have been or have lived in a disproportionately impacted area harmed by cannabis criminalization. The state will be issuing 110 Dispensary licenses by December 2021.

– New Jersey: The state plans to issue at least 30 percent of all new licenses to minority, women, or veteran-owned businesses as well as the creation of an Office of Minority, Disabled Veterans, and Women Cannabis Business Development which will be part of the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

– New York: Committed to building a diverse cannabis business landscape with 50% of state marijuana business licenses slated for social equity applicants.

“Stakeholders who choose to invest in diversity inclusion throughout their businesses based on community needs have the ability to better serve their communities and increase their longevity within the cannabis space,” explained Maxime Kot, President at CB Advisors.

One of the few women-led and women-owned groups specializing in cannabis licensing, Gullickson and Kot have worked with groups on a national and international scale, helping to develop regulatory frameworks for new marijuana programs and securing permits in 18 competitive state markets.

CB Advisors also assists with mergers and acquisitions, and operational support for active license holders in dispensary retail, cultivation, processing, and other segments of the highly regulated industry.

For information visit thecannabisbusinessadvisors.com.

About The Cannabis Business Advisors:
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, The Cannabis Business Advisors (“CB Advisors”) is a multi-faceted consulting firm providing strategic business guidance for cannabis license applicants and current license holders throughout all stages of growth.

CB Advisors is led by CEO and Founder Sara Gullickson and President Maxime Kot. The consulting team brings more than twenty years of combined industry experience, spanning across the U.S. and around the globe. CB Advisors offers a comprehensive suite of services, including application and licensing preparation, operational analysis, merger and acquisition support, policy and procedures, exit strategy guidance, and business development planning.

CB Advisors is located at 4203 E. Indian School Rd., in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information visit thecannabisbusinessadvisors.com, email info@thecannabisbusinessadvisors.com, or phone 602-730-2986.

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