Illinois Dispensary Application Opening

Illinois Dispensary Application Opening

Shelby Knight
JANUARY 20TH, 2023

Illinois is opening a Social Equity Criteria Lottery for 55 conditional dispensary licenses on January 30. Illinois will conduct a lottery for each of the 17 BLS Regions. The 55 top participants across those regions will proceed.

The top participants will have 45 days to submit proof of their social equity status and operational requirements. The DFPR will then review the participants’ documents in order to determine eligibility. If the participant is approved, the Department will issue it a conditional license, which allows for the participant to begin its zoning, operational, and build-out process.

In order to apply for a dispensary license, an applicant must prove that 51% or more of the applying entity is owned by one or more individuals who each meet the combination of at least one of the criteria under Criteria A and Criteria B.

Criteria A

In order to qualify under Criteria A, an individual must have resided for at least 5 of the 10 preceding years in a neighborhood that has a high poverty rate, a high percentage of households that receive SNAP, low income/low access to supermarkets, or a high percentage of residents failing to graduate from high school.

Another way to qualify for Criteria A is to have received, for at least 5 of the preceding 10 years:

– Medicaid

– Supplemental Security Income

– Social Security Disability

– Subsidized Housing

Criteria B

In order to qualify under Criteria B, an individual or a family member been arrested for, convicted of, or adjudicated delinquent for any offense, or substantially similar offense, of Illinois, Federal, or other state law for:

– possession of 500 grams of cannabis or less; or

– manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to deliver, or manufacture or cannabis up to 30 grams

Another way to qualify for Criteria B is to have  been a victim of firearm injury, evidenced by either a police report or medical record.



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