What is an Annual Cannabis License Application In New Jersey?

What is an Annual Cannabis License Application In New Jersey?

AUGUST 23RD, 2023

There are currently 38 dispensaries open across the state.  Thirteen dispensaries are exclusively for medicinal cannabis patients and all dispensaries that serve patients are required to prioritize them with product availability, designated hours, check-out lines, and parking.

As of April 13, the NJ-CRC has approved 98 annual awards, including 51 for retailers.


While the New Jersey Adult-Use Cannabis Business Application and Licensing process may seem complicated, the first step in determining the type of application you will need to submit (conditional vs. annual) depends on your answer to the following question…

Do the members with decision-making power listed on the applying entity make under $200k a year if filing individually or under $400k a year if filing jointly in 2020?

If you answered yes, click here to learn about Conditional Cannabis License Applications.

If you answered no, you and your team will need to apply for an Annual Adult-Use Cannabis Business License. Applicants for annual licenses will be required to submit a more comprehensive application that includes details for the proposed site for the business, which must be owned or leased by the applicant and receive local zoning approval for the property.

Applicants must also submit an operating summary plan in which applicants detail their experience, history, and knowledge of critical pieces of operating a cannabis business.

Per the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s Notice of Application, the applicant must also obtain local support. While obtaining local support from certain municipalities can be demonstrated via a letter/form stating the municipality will allow a cannabis facility at your proposed location, other municipalities will require you to submit a full application package to gain approval.

The Cannabis Business Advisors can help you assemble a full application package that may include the below:

  • Environmental impact plan, safety and security plan, community impact, social responsibility, and research statement; workforce development and job creation plan, which may include an optional diversity plan
  • Standard operating procedures for Adverse Event Reporting; Quality assurance and quality control; Recall; Packaging and Labeling; Inventory Control, Storage, Diversion Prevention; Recordkeeping; Waste Disposal, Sanitation; Cultivation, manufacturing, retail sale, delivery, secure transport, as applicable, based on the class of license sought; Accounting and tax compliance; and the reporting of test results, as applicable, based on the class of license sought


License Types Available: Cultivator (37 licenses available for facilities over 2,500 sq. ft. and no license cap on Microbusiness Cultivators (facilities under 2,500 sq. ft)), Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Retailer, & Delivery Service

Please note: Annual License Applicants can be Social Equity, Diverse, Impact Zone and/or Microbusinesses Businesses.

Source: https://www.nj.gov/cannabis/documents/businesses/personal-use/Final%20Notice%20of%20Application%20Acceptance.pdf


Still, overwhelmed? Our Team has won licenses for clients all over the globe.
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Learn More about New Jersey’s Adult-Use Cannabis Program from the Cannabis Business Advisors on our state page.




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